Use Cases

surfingThe following are the creative ways different organizations utilize Sports Vision Eyewear to enhance their incentive programs, meetings and special events. Call today to receive product samples or to discuss event special elements:

Incentive Programs, Corporate Meetings and Events

Certified Meeting Planners and Event Organizers understand how important it is to thoroughly represent the image of an organization during meetings with constituents. Customization of the polishing pouch, restraint strap and protective hard case allow the recipient to associate the conference or meeting with organizations, sponsors or partners long after the event’s conclusion.

Wedding Announcements – Save the Date – Invitations

Sports Vision Eyewear delivers a creative solution to announcing ay occasion or sending a “save the date” reminder for meeting or inviting attendees. Sports Vision Eyewear prints an invitation or meeting details on the micro fiber pouch. The pouch and a customized hard case, customized with any logo, is sent to attendees, directing them to bring the case and pouch to the event, where their sunglass selection will be fulfilled.

Golf Tournaments

Tournament Directors and organizers enjoy the convenience of not having to pre-purchase or liquidate product at the conclusion of an event. We bill only for the product fulfilled and on site personnel allow Tournament Director’s to organize and run their events without concern about production schedules, sizing, delivery, selection and fitting.

5K, 10K, Half Marathons, Run Walk Events

T shirts are a common incentive, the price of which is included in the entry. Sports Vision Eyewear offers a great alternative, while providing eye protection during outdoor activity. Inclusion of a customized neoprene restraint strap has been a popular addition and use of our hybrid goggle / sunglass is particularly popular when aquatic activity is involved in the function.

Test Drive Incentives

At the completion of automobile test drive, an individual is presented with a certificate for Web site redemption. The dealership may also choose to fulfill product on site after customizing the case or polishing cloth.

Resort and Cruise Booking Incentives

Destination resorts and cruise lines have used Sports Vision Eyewear as a unique incentive to encourage reservation booking, while providing a customized reminder of a great vacation.


Fundraising may also be associated with outfitting school athletic teams or bands with similar eyewear styles for all, in school colors. Choose a common style and color and Sports Vision Eyewear will provide the style and color to all participants.

Outside Staff, Volunteers

Are the foundation of successful events. Sports Vision Eyewear products make great and lasting appreciation gifts to those critical to the success of any event.

Fundraising – Event Enhancement

Sports Vision Eyewear will provide product and personnel, on site, during fundraising activity and the fundraising entity determines how much margin they will realize from on site sales.

Event supporters who can’t attend but want to make a financial contribution are an important element in the success of fundraising. Sports Vision provides guidance in accelerating your fundraising activity, while providing event elements that separate your event from other area events.

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Perfect For

  • Corporate Meetings & Events
  • Golf Tournaments
  • 5K/10K Runs, Marathons, Triathlons
  • Test Drive Incentives
  • Resort Booking Incentives
  • Alumni Fundraising
  • Incentive Travel Programs
  • Wedding Announcements